10 Activities for Baby to Boost Bonding & Development

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February 11, 2024

Even though babies sleep 12-16 hours a day, they love being active during their non-sleep time. And the more you can do to help them stay active both physically and mentally, the better they’ll sleep and stay on track when it comes to their developmental milestones. Since most organized activities for babies require your participation, they also provide a great opportunity to deepen the bond you have with your little one. From the gentle strumming of a guitar to the soothing splash of water, there are plenty of options to choose from that are fun and enriching for you and baby!

Music Classes

Who doesn’t love a good sing-along? Music classes for infants typically offer a mix of singing, movement, and simple instrument play – that leads to a lot of joy, too. These classes are more than just fun; they’re a way to enhance your baby’s cognitive abilities, improve their motor skills, and even boost language development. Babies can start attending music classes as early as a few months old, making it a perfect early adventure in the world of sounds and rhythms.

  • Benefits: Enhances listening skills, encourages early speech patterns, and strengthens the baby-parent bond.
  • When to Start: As early as 3-6 months, when your baby shows interest in sounds and music.

Swimming Lessons

Water babies, rejoice! Swimming lessons for infants are not just adorable, but they’re also incredibly beneficial. Under the guidance of trained instructors, these classes involve gentle water play, foundational swimming movements, and safety skills. Swimming can help in building your baby’s muscle strength, coordination, and even improve their sleep patterns. Plus, it’s the best way to get them comfortable with water and set them up for a lifetime of swimming confidence.

  • Benefits: Promotes physical development, water safety awareness, and enhances bonding.
  • When to Start: Many programs accept babies from 6 months old, but always ensure the water is warm and clean to prevent discomfort.

Baby Yoga

Namaste, baby! Baby yoga classes are a peaceful way to strengthen the physical and emotional connection between you and your baby. Through gentle stretches, baby massages, and calming poses, these sessions offer a retreat from the daily hustle. Yoga can aid your baby’s digestion, encourage better sleep, and provide a sense of security through your close interaction.

  • Benefits: Improves physical health, fosters relaxation, and deepens the parent-child connection.
  • When to Start: From around 8 weeks old, once your baby has head control and is comfortable being moved around.

Art and Sensory Play

Unleash your baby’s inner Picasso! Art offers your baby a world where colors, textures, and shapes converge into a feast for their senses. Art and sensory play classes provide a safe environment for little ones to explore materials like soft clay, squishy sponges, and vibrant paints (edible, of course). These activities not only delight their senses but also support cognitive growth, fine motor development, and creative expression from an early age.

  • Benefits: Stimulates sensory development, encourages creativity, and enhances fine motor skills.
  • When to Start: Suitable from about 6 months, when babies begin to grasp objects and show curiosity about different textures.

Sign Language for Baby

Long before they can speak, babies have the desire to communicate. Baby sign language classes teach you and your baby how to use simple signs for common words and needs. This form of communication can reduce frustration for both of you, strengthen your bond, and has been shown to support verbal language development because it encourages the use of language pathways in the brain.

  • Benefits: Promotes early communication, reduces frustration, and may increase intelligence.
  • When to Start: You can start introducing signs as early as 4 months, but don’t expect responses until around 6-9 months.

Nature Exploration Groups

Bring the wonders of the outdoors to your baby’s world through nature exploration groups. These classes are designed to engage your baby’s senses in the natural environment, fostering an early appreciation for the outdoors. Activities can include gentle walks, sensory play with natural materials, and even baby-friendly gardening projects.

  • Benefits: Encourages an early love for nature, stimulates sensory skills, and promotes physical health.
  • When to Start: As soon as you feel comfortable taking your baby outdoors for longer periods, around 6-12 months.

Storytime Sessions

Library storytime sessions are more than just reading books; they’re an interactive experience where babies are introduced to the rhythm and melody of language. These gatherings also provide a fantastic opportunity for social interaction with other children and parents.

  • Benefits: Supports language acquisition, introduces early literacy skills, and offers socialization opportunities.
  • When to Start: Infants as young as a few months old can benefit from the auditory experience of storytime.

Baby Gymnastics

Baby gymnastics classes offer a lively environment for physical development and fun. With safe, age-appropriate equipment, babies learn to move, roll, and explore their physical capabilities under the watchful eye of experienced instructors. This early form of physical education lays the groundwork for healthy movement patterns and body awareness.

  • Benefits: Enhances physical development, coordination, and confidence.
  • When to Start: Classes can start for babies around 6 months old, when they begin to sit up independently.


Playgroups are where the magic happens! They’re a fantastic way for you and your baby to meet new friends while engaging in structured play activities designed to support development across several domains. These groups often incorporate music, toys, and games tailored to different stages of infant growth.

  • Benefits: Supports social skills, cognitive and physical development, and provides parental networking.
  • When to Start: Newborns to toddlers can participate, with groups often segmented by age for developmental appropriateness.

Language Immersion Playdates

Expose your baby to the sounds of a new language early on through language immersion playdates. These gatherings are designed to introduce babies to foreign languages through play, songs, and interactive activities in a natural and engaging way, laying the foundation for multilingual learning.

  • Benefits: Boosts cognitive flexibility, enhances listening skills, and prepares for future language learning.
  • When to Start: Early exposure can begin as infants, with more structured participation possible from around 6 months.


By weaving these activities into your and your baby’s life, you’ll lay the foundation for a lifelong journey of learning, bonding, and mutual growth. As a bonus, you’ll fill your own days with social connection and fun. Remember, the best approach is to follow your baby’s cues and have fun with it! Pro tip: ask if you can take a complimentary trial class to get a feel for things before you enroll in multi-week or -month sessions, or see if there are open play or drop-in hours until you land on something you both love. Also, don’t forget to take photos and videos – you’ll want to remember your adventures together!

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