Inside a Session at Kelly Elizabeth Portrait Studio

To help expectant parents prepare for their first newborn photography sessions, we consulted with one of Rochester’s premier, professional portrait photographers, Kelly Horowitz, owner of Kelly Elizabeth Portrait Studio. Kelly thinks it’s important for everyone to have photographs of their family as it progresses and believes that sharing the incredible opportunity created by newborn photography is just as important as creating timeless images for your family to cherish. 

Enjoy Every Moment
Most new parents will agree that those first few weeks are some of the best moments of their lives. Kelly wants parents to know that they can have that time captured by someone who will create incredible images, while taking the utmost care of their little one. When you find the right photographer, your session can be a priceless and engaging experience.

Kelly’s Natural Style
You might call the style at Kelly Elizabeth Portrait Studio “organic” or “minimalist.” Kelly likes keeping her images simple, using soft neutral tones and organic textures to make the newborn the focus of every photo. She’s not big on props – with her Cake Smash sessions being the irresistible exception. The elements she does use are added carefully, always making sure to enhance features and not to distract from baby; her focus is always on baby.

Safety First, Last, and Always
Sure, she’s in the business of creating gorgeous images of perfectly posed newborns, but Kelly’s first priorities are safety and comfort for you and your baby. The vibe in her newborn photography studio — nestled right next to the Erie Canal in Packett’s Landing in the Village of Fairport —  is sleepy, snug, warm, and safe. While every professional photographer has expertise in their field, newborn photographers like Kelly, are experts at photographing babies specifically. Kelly has photographed hundreds of newborns and has specialized training in infant posing and safety; she knows how to keep every pose safe and cozy for your little one. As a mom herself, she can relate to her clients on a deeper and more personal level.

This Process Takes Practice
So how does it work? Timing is key when you’re capturing the fleeting first moments of life, and newborns aren’t known for their predictability. Kelly solves this puzzle by booking her appointments based on the month each baby is due, limiting the number of sessions scheduled so she’s sure to be available during the newborn’s first two weeks of life. This keeps things manageable for Kelly and eases the concerns of expectant moms, who can only predict when their babies will actually arrive. Clients can expect a 2-to-3-hour session somewhere between 6 and 14 days after baby’s born.

Not Sure How to Choose a Newborn Photographer?
 Kelly Offers This Advice: 

  • Ask to see a full gallery of images, not just FB pages or IG feeds 
  • Hire a professional newborn photographer
  • Find someone whose style is compatible with yours 
  • Call photographers as opposed to emailing to reveal if it’s a mutual fit

Connect with Kelly
A session with a specialized newborn photographer is an amazing gift to yourself or any new parents in your life. The session creates a special time and space that’s wholly devoted to celebrating the magical first moments of a child’s life. It’s an unforgettable experience for the parents and it creates keepsakes that can be treasured for a lifetime. If you’re looking to get a feel for what newborn photography is all about, the door at Kelly Elizabeth Portrait Studio is always open. Get in touch with Kelly to schedule a visit and meet the baby expert behind the camera.

Lingering Questions?
If you have questions that haven’t been answered here, feel free to share them with us in the comments below or on our Facebook page; someone in our supportive community of parents and professionals is sure to have just the knowledge you’re looking for.

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