Our seminars are led by local experts and focus on topics related to pregnancy, labor & delivery, newborns & infants, and the transition to parenthood. Sessions are typically 30 to 45 minutes long. We also have demonstrations throughout the day.

> 10:15AM
Writing Your Birth Plan
Presented by Amy V. Haas, BCCE
Rochester Area Birth Network

At the end of the day, we all want the same thing: healthy babies, healthy moms, and a positive birth experience for both. This seminar covers the nuts and bolts of birth planning, with the goal of creating a healthy and positive beginning for you and your baby. Amy V. Haas, BCCE has been with Babies & Bumps since its inception and has been teaching childbirth classes to expecting families for the past 22 years. She also writes for Midwifery Today, with 12 published articles to date, serves as the Education Chair for the Rochester Area Birth Network, and is a board member of the Institute for Family-Centered Childbirth. Join Amy to learn about writing your birth plan and how to choose care providers and educators, be aware of and understand your options, and feel empowered to take charge of your choices.

> 10:15AM
Breastfeeding Basics
Presented by Dianne Cassidy, IBCLC, ALC, CCE
Dianne Cassidy Consulting

Learn basic techniques to foster the breastfeeding experience you desire in this seminar with Dianne Cassidy, BCLC, ALC, CCE, friend and partner of Babies & Bumps since the beginning. In addition to her lactation certifications and consulting business, Dianne is also a health educator and presents for medical personnel, lactation and birth specialists, and parents, teaching prenatal breastfeeding classes. Gain insight into the benefits of breastfeeding for mom and baby, with the goal of a positive experience for both, and come away with tips and strategies for incorporating breastfeeding into your lifestyle.

> 10:15AM
Infant & Toddler Developmental Milestones

Presented by Jennifer Shook
Child Care Council

Your child is developing physically, emotionally, behaviorally, and mentally every day and you play a crucial role. Join Jennifer Shook, MS and other new and expectant parents at this seminar to discover how to explore, observe, and support infant and toddler development. Jennifer has 26 years of experience in the child care field and is a New York State Credentialed trainer and a professional development specialist. Learn more about what development milestones are, when they may happen and what they look like, and how you can lovingly support your child’s growth and development in each stage.

> 11:15AM
Birth Partner Workshop
Presented by Christy Muscato, CD/BDT(DONA)
Beautiful Birth Choices

Naturally, most of the focus in getting ready for childbirth is on the mama-to-be, but birth partners can also benefit from becoming prepared as the due date approaches. In this seminar, Christy Muscato, CD/BDT(DONA), LLCE will share ideas on how birth partners can be involved throughout pregnancy, take an active role in the delivery room, provide postpartum support, and bond with baby. Christy has been a practicing Certified Doula with DONA, International and a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator for over a decade and is also a member of the Doula Cooperative and Rochester Area Birth Networks in Rochester, NY. Gain insight into the birth partner perspective and become educated on how, when, and what support they can provide for mom and baby.

> 11:15AM
Life with a Newborn

Presented by Dr. Danielle Renodin-Mead, DO
Oak Orchard Health

You and your partner arrive home safely with your precious newborn, who is sleeping snugly in their new car seat. You carry car seat and child inside, set them down, and…now what?! We spend so much time and energy on the pregnancy, labor, and delivery aspects of parenthood that we often neglect to truly prepare for the “fourth trimester.” Join Dr. Danielle Renodin-Mead, DO for a seminar covering basic infant care, sleep patterns, and the fundamentals of life with a newborn. Gain a better understanding of what life after delivery is really like and leave feeling prepared to bring your baby home from the hospital. Dr. Renodin-Mead is certified through the American Board of Pediatrics, affiliated with the American Academy of Pediatrics and American College of Osteopathic Pediatricians, and is enthusiastic about delivering the best care to her patients.

> 11:15AM
Breastfeeding & Returning to Work

Donna Barrows, RN, CCE, IBCLC
UR Medicine Breastfeeding

Set yourself up for success with a plan to establish the options, expectations, and support you’ll need as a breastfeeding mom returning to work. Donna Barrows, RN, CCE, IBCLC will outline the steps to take before returning to work in this seminar about adjustments for mom and baby after maternity leave ends. Have a plan in place before returning to work, prepare yourself, your baby, and your baby’s caregiver for your first day away, and be flexible as yours and your baby’s needs will change over time. Donna has been an RN for over 35 years, an IBCLC for 14 years, and also coordinates Pediatric Service needs in supporting, educating, and empowering mothers and families to provide the single best gift they can give to their infants.

> 12:15PM
The Fourth Trimester: Preparing for Postpartum Recovery
Presented by Catherine Burke, CNM and Nancy Miltsch, RN, CCE, Clinician III
Rochester Regional Health Midwifery Group

The postpartum period, commonly referred to as the six weeks after childbirth, is an important time of adjusting for mom, baby, and your expanded family as a whole. Explore the joys and challenges of the postpartum period with Catherine Burke, CNM and Nancy Miltsch, RN, CCE, Clinician III, as they touch on topics like life with a newborn, healing your body after birth, the postpartum emotional rollercoaster, family role transitions, and partner intimacy. Both Catherine and Nancy have over 25 years of experience in their fields and are passionate about caring for and empowering women and their families. Leave with practical planning tips to help set yourself up for the best possible postpartum transition.

> 12:15PM
The First Year of Sleep

Presented by Missy Yandow
My Goodnight Train

While sleep itself is a natural process, developing healthy sleep habits is a learned skill. This seminar is designed to help parents of infants and toddlers form healthy and lasting sleep habits, ultimately giving the entire family the sleep they need. Missy Yandow has been working in the early childhood field for 15 years, holds multiple degrees, is a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant, and a member of the International Association of Child Sleep Consultants. Gain knowledge on the importance of sleep, baby sleep cycles, toddler sleep strategies, and independent sleep, and receive guidance on establishing healthy sleep habits at home.

> 12:15PM
Music & Early Childhood Development

Presented by Kate Shannon
Spectrum Creative Arts

Music is the key to unlocking your child’s creativity, intelligence, and potential. Explore how music can impact early child development in this seminar, presented by Kate Shannon, MT-BC. Learn about how music can help foster bonds between adults and children and leave with tips for utilizing music in your child’s development of certain life skills. Kate has degrees in music and anthropology, a master’s in music therapy, and has been sharing her skills, talents, and creativity professionally for four years.

> 1:15PM
Beyond the Epidural: Pain Management Options
Co-Presented by:
Dr. Assaf Yosha,
North Ponds Family Medicine & Maternity Care (UR Medicine Primary Care)
Christy Muscato, CD/BDT(DONA), Beautiful Birth Choices

Be informed about all options for managing the pain associated with labor and delivery, both pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic. In this seminar, Dr. Assaf Yosha, MD and doula Christy Muscato, CD/BDT(DONA), LCCE, will share their expertise on how to prepare for labor pain, talk to family members about their role in the delivery room, and explain the role of a doula, the risks/benefits/effects of an epidural, and alternative methods of pain management. Both experts are passionate about helping women achieve a healthy and natural childbirth and guiding them through the postpartum and newborn period in the context of their entire family.

> 1:15PM Baby’s First Foods
Presented by Dr. Maria Adams, MD, FAAP
Oak Orchard Health

What are the basic nutrition needs of an infant, what are the best foods to offer, and when should they transition to solids? Answer each of these questions and more in this seminar with Dr. Maria Adams, MD, FAAP. Explore different infant feeding methods to determine what will work best for you and come away with tips on how to create a loving, happy mealtime environment. Dr. Adams is certified through the American Board of Pediatrics, affiliated with the American Academy of Pediatrics, and sees pediatric patients from newborn to age 18.