Our “how-to” demonstrations are designed to teach a skill that you can take home and put into practice. Demos typically last about 15 minutes, and take place on our exhibitor floor. We also have seminars throughout the day.

> 10:30AM
Prenatal Yoga
Presented by Flower City Yoga

Prenatal yoga offers a quiet place for soon-to-be mothers to turn their focus inward and bond with their child, while strengthening their bodies and utilizing their breath in preparation for birth. Flower City Yoga will be demonstrating stretches, positions, and many of the benefits of participating in prenatal yoga, for both mom and baby. Learn more about how this unique opportunity to slow down and de-stress can help maintain health, strength, and comfort during pregnancy.

> 11:00AM
Supporting Your Bump
Presented by Pinnacle Hill Chiropractic

Stay healthy, safe, and pain free during pregnancy and into the postpartum period by understanding the importance of movement and nutrition and how they are altered. This demonstration with Dr. Sarah Tirimacco will outline examples of safe and beneficial exercises and provide nutritional tips to help restore balance to your changing body, keeping you mobile, feeling your best, and ready for birth. Dr. Sarah is certified in the Webster Technique and specializes in the treatment of pregnant and postpartum women, with the goal of providing each patient with understanding, education, and a personalized treatment plan.

> 11:30AM
Brushing Baby’s Teeth
Presented by Greece Family Dentistry and Implantology

From their very first tooth, babies benefit from proper dental care. This demonstration will answer all of your questions regarding toothpaste, toothbrushes, dental visits, brushing techniques, and complete dental care for little ones. Join Dr. Oliver Cabrera, DDS to sample a variety of oral care products and become equipped with tips for brushing baby’s teeth, good oral hygiene, and habits for a healthy little mouth.

> 12:00PM
Presented by buybuy BABY

Just because you’ve given birth doesn’t mean you need to give up the closeness (or convenience) that carrying your baby provides. The right baby carrier allows both wearer and baby to feel safe, secure, and comfortable, with weight evenly distributed; and just as there is not only one body type, the same goes for baby carriers. In this demonstration, located in the Babywearing Test Drive Area, buybuy BABY will explain and illustrate exactly how the parent/baby/carrier puzzle will fit together in a variety of pouches, slings, wraps, and other carriers.

> 12:30PM
Comforting Labor Positions
Presented by Beautiful Birth Choices

Explore comforting and soothing labor positions in this demonstration with Beautiful Birth Choices. Learn about the different positions and what they entail, how birth partners can assist, and how these positions are used to help ease discomfort, move the baby down through the pelvis, and encourage optimal fetal positioning.

> 1:00PM
Baby Position and Why It Matters
Presented by Rochester Chiropractic Clinic

Your posture and pelvic balance can affect your baby’s position, ultimately influencing labor duration and outcome. Dr. Yasellyn Diaz-Vega, DC, CACCP will be demonstrating how to increase pelvic mobility, the exercises that help with breech and posterior baby presentations, how the lower back is the link to pelvic floor function, and how to prevent pelvic floor dysfunction in the future. Dr. Yasellyn Diaz-Vega provides chiropractic wellness care for the whole family, including prenatal, pediatric, and family care. She is certified in the Webster Technique and has specialized training in pediatric and pregnancy chiropractic care.

> 1:30PM
Cloth Diapers
Presented by Mother Earth Baby

Curious about cloth diapering? This informative demonstration will outline the ins and outs of cloth diapering, answering all of your questions. Mother Earth Baby will highlight the different types of cloth diapers, the benefits and environmental impact of cloth diapering, and how to use, clean, and care for them.