Our demonstrations are designed to teach a skill that you can take home and put into practice. Demos typically last about 15 minutes, and take place on our exhibitor floor. We also have seminars throughout the day!


> 10:30AM
Music for Babies 
Presented by WeJoySing 

Discover how babies learn and grow through joy-filled musical play and explore the engaging musical activities that stimulate their development. Join Jo Kirk, owner of WeJoySing, for a demonstration on how to playfully incorporate music into daily routines like bathing, diapering, and playing, nurturing your baby’s development skills along the way. Take home songs and games to make learning fun and create bonds with your baby that will last a lifetime. Jo is a nationally known Kodaly and early childhood music educator, with a Masters in Music Education and a Kodaly Music Education Certificate. She founded WeJoySing and has authored an early childhood music and movement curriculum, titled Lullabies to Circle Games.

> 11:00AM
Fitness for Moms 
Presented by FIT4MOM Columbus North

Curious about what working out before and after baby arrives might entail? FIT4MOM Columbus North will demonstrate simple and gentle exercises for moms and moms-to-be to stay healthy and de-stress during pregnancy and beyond. Learn practical applications to help maintain health, strength, and comfort for every stage of motherhood.

> 11:30 AM
Essential Oils for Families
Presented by Savy Mama

Essential oils are a great natural way to support a healthy pregnancy and growing little ones. Learn more about how to keep mom, baby, and kiddos happy and healthy through aromatherapy and topical application. This demonstration, with Savanna Holmberg of Savy Mama, will outline the benefits of therapeutic essential oils, such as supporting emotions, easing pregnancy pains, boosting the immune system, encouraging mom throughout labor, and supporting little ones after birth and beyond.

> 12:00 PM
Comfort Measures for Labor & Pregnancy
Presented by The Ohio Doula

Explore comforting and soothing options for late pregnancy, labor, and delivery in this demonstration with Linsey Griffith, Doula, HBCE, PE and Jennifer Bailey, CD(DONA), CLC from The Ohio Doula. Learn about comfort measures like rebozos, massage techniques, birthing balls, and more. Find out what they entail, how they are used, and how birth partners can assist. Leave feeling prepared with ways to find comfort during all aspects of labor. Both Linsey and Jennifer are highly trained, experienced, and professional doulas who work in a partnership at The Ohio Doula. They believe in support for every woman who desires it and in turn work with parents to provide as much information, education, and hands-on support as they desire.

> 12:30PM
Reading with Baby 
Presented by Usborne Books & More

Did you know that the majority of brain growth occurs in the first five years of life? Explore the importance of reading to baby from day one in this demonstration with Ann-Margret Gidley from Usborne Books & More. Usborne’s mission is simple: to make learning FUN. Learn more about the influence of having books in the household and gain advice on how to make books easily accessible to baby.

> 1:00PM
Presented by Columbus Babywearing  

Just because you’ve given birth doesn’t mean you need to give up the closeness (or convenience) that carrying your baby provides. The right baby carrier allows both wearer and baby to feel safe, secure, and comfortable, with weight evenly distributed; and just as there is not only one body type, the same goes for baby carriers. In this demonstration, located in the Babywearing Test Drive Area, Columbus Babywearing will explain and illustrate exactly how the parent/baby/carrier puzzle will fit together in a variety of pouches, slings, wraps, and other carriers.

> 1:30PM
Breastfeeding Positions 
Presented by Natural Nurturing

Breastfeeding positioning is so much more than just the cradle hold we know and love. Allyson Wessells, PT, IBCLC with Natural Nurturing Lactation Services will demonstrate a variety of breastfeeding positions like the football hold and side-lying, as well as how to use a nursing pillow to maximize comfort for mom and baby. Allyson’s appreciation of the natural world and love for working with people have shaped her educational and career pursuits; she created Natural Nurturing to help families with all aspects of breastfeeding.