Seminars & Workshops

Our seminars and workshops are led by local experts and focus on topics related to pregnancy, labor & delivery, newborns & infants, and the transition to motherhood.

Seminars and workshops are typically 30-40 minutes long with time for questions at the end; sessions begin at 10:15AM, 11:15AM, 12:15PM, and 1:15PM. Seating is ample, but available on a first-come, first-served basis. So, if there’s anything that you are committed to seeing, we recommend arriving a few minutes early to get a seat.

Here are this year’s topics:


10:15AM: Bump School, presented by Mother Rising

10:15AM: Birth Partner Workshop, presented by CLEbaby

10:15AM: First-Year Health and Wellness, presented by Senders Pediatrics

11:15AM: Babywearing, presented by Carrying with Karyn

11:15AM: Pain Management & Birth Education Options, presented by Lake Health

11:15AM: Top 10 Tips for Pregnancy & Beyond, presented by Nurtured Foundation Doula Services

12:15PM: The First Year of Sleep, presented by Little Snoozers

12:15PM: Planning for Postpartum, presented by The Nurturing Root

12:15PM: Prenatal Self-Care & Natural Remedies, presented by Whole Body Health

1:15PM: Maya Abdominal Therapy for Pregnancy & Postpartum Wellness, presented by the Womb Wellness Center

1:15PM: ABCs of PT for Mamas: Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy, presented by Sports Rehabilitation Consultants


10:30AM: Pre- and Postnatal Fitness, presented by Fit4Mom Hudson, Twinsburg, Solon

11:00AM: Music for Babies, presented by Thrive Arts Center

11:30AM: Comfort Measures for Labor, presented by The Nurturing Root

12:00PM: Essential Oils for Families, presented by Young Living Essential Oils

12:30PM: Prenatal & Postpartum Belly Wrapping, presented by The Womb Wellness Center

1:00PM: Breastfeeding Positions, presented by Nurtured Foundation Doula Services

1:30PM: Babywearing, presented by Babywearing International of Cleveland