Our demonstrations are designed to teach a skill that you can take home and put into practice.  A detailed schedule will be announced here and on our Facebook event page.

Demonstrations typically last about 15 minutes, and take place on our exhibitor floor.  The first demo begins at 10:30AM and they continue every 30 minutes thereafter; the last is at 1:30PM.  We’ll have a detailed schedule shortly — for now, here are this year’s topics!

  • Comfort Measures for Labor, presented by The Nurturing Root
  • Babywearing, presented by Babywearing International of Cleveland
  • Pre- & Postpartum Belly Wrapping, presented by the Womb Wellness Center
  • Music for Babies, presented by THRIVE Arts Center
  • Pre- & Postnatal Fitness, presented by FIT4MOM
  • Prenatal Yoga, presented by CLEbaby
  • Breastfeeding Positions, presented by Nurtured Foundation Doula Services